Skin Care Hacks For Dry Skin


With the winters rolling, dry skin becomes a common problem which can be quite a pain! As we transition to the cooler months of the year, we shall ensure that we take proper measures for our skin, so it is in good shape free from all dryness! When your skin is not dry, the makeup will apply better and look better overall, so what are the best skin care hacks for dry skin that work amazing, scroll down to know-

1.Proper Exfoliation is the secret:


You must have heard pretty often that scrubbing can cause your skin to get dry, that isn’t true as long as you are not over exfoliating! A gentle scrub is your tool, if you suffer dry skin but need an effective exfoliation prior an important event so your skin is all prepped up for the big day! Spend a few minutes scrubbing in circular motions and your skin will thank you for getting rid of all the dead skin which was taking away from the glow!

2. Facial Oils Are Magic:


Personally, I am a huge fan of using oils for my face than moisturizers. There is something about oils which helps the skin look twenty times more hydrated and also is a great way to target problematic skin! Now, for dry skinned beauties, oils are a complete win-win, as they give the skin the much needed boost of hydration with just a few drops! Olive oil and Almond oil work amazingly!

3. Primers that hydrate:


Regular primers work well on normal days, but on days when your skin is acting all crazy, you must definitely watch out for a good hydrating primer, which will not just help create a better base for that foundation but will also keep your skin looking and feeling moisturized throughout the day!

4. Say no to Matte Foundations:


We all love the matte look, but dry skinned beauties love that dewy finish, for obvious reasons, they have been naturally blessed with annoyingly matte skin and need something to break the norm! An illuminating foundation can be your best friend, as it helps give that nice glow and fresh appeal to the skin. Also, do not forget using a translucent powder, to set the makeup in (i.e. only on places of your skin you know your makeup will melt away from).

5. Facial Mists Are Life:


Facial mists are great irrespective of the kind of skin type you have, dry or oily you have something for everyone! A hydrating facial mist is great to keep your skin looking nice and healthy while also helps keep your makeup sealed and flawless through the day! Never opt for a matte spray and go for a hydrating/moisturizing one instead!

6. Mix your oil with foundation:


This can be a life-changing trick for many of you, and this has been doing the rounds on the internet so much lately, it’s difficult not to give it a shot! If your skin is dry or mature, use an oil of your choice; about two to three drops and mix it with your favorite foundation, make sure not to use a water based foundation while trying this hack out, as oil and water do not blend in well and are not a very good combination. I suggest using Argan oil or Rosehip oil for this trick as they are the most hydrating ones and also have illuminating properties.

So, which of the best skin care hacks for dry skin have you tried before? Tell us in the comments section below!

Author: Cidra Khan

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