Keep Your Makeup Safe While Travelling!

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Travelling is so much fun, especially when you have been planning it for a while and you finally get time to yourself and your family. However, there’s a lot that you need to be looking into from packing to arrangements. As women, there’s one thing that we just cannot do without, needless to say, MAKEUP! We need it even if we are on an isolated island and there’s no one around to spare a look. Well, that is because we love it! So, how do you pack your biggest travel necessities so they do not end up breaking or causing a mess in your luggage?  We have compiled the best tips to keep your makeup safe while you travel so you do not end up in sticky situations ever, and your bag will be safe too!

Let’s jump straight into it!

1.Prevent compacts from breaking apart

This is one of the most common things that happen to almost every woman, you find your compact broken to bits and that breaks your heart into gazillion pieces as well. This can now be taken care of by placing a cotton pad over your powder before you shut the lid, this helps as the compact is supported by extra padding preventing any space for the powder to break.

2. Keep Glass Bottles Safe

Perfumes are an important accessory to carry around, but these pretty glass bottles are extremely prone to breakage especially on-the-go. If any of your makeup or perfume bottles are madofin glass, just wrap them in a towel or place them inside a thick sock so they don’t break in transit.

3. Spill-proof all the bottles:  

 It’s likely to happen that your shampoo bottles, conditioners or perfumes spill all over the place causing a lot of mess in your bag. To keep this from happening, we have a trick that will make your bottles spill-proof for good, unscrew the lid, take a cellophane paper, wrap it around the mouth of the bottle and put the cap back, you are all set to go!

4. Face Wipes are always handy:

In order to avoid your face wash suddenly blowing up in your bag, face wipes come to the rescue. Not only are they multi-functional but are also a great way to save some space in your bag. They help freshen up the face without using any water, help clean your hands and also work amazingly to remove makeup. So keep those bad boys handy at all times, because you never know when you might need them!

5. Sample sizes be the best:

While travelling, you do not necessarily need to load up full sized products in your bag, because you will surely not be going there for a long time and for a short trip sample sizes are the best. They are compact and often have enough product within them to carry you through your whole vacation. So, why waste space and money on products you probably will not be using a lot?

6. Cover your brushes:

If you are the lazy girl and do not make time to wash your brushes, you are surely going to make a mess in your travel bag with all the leftover makeup on your tools! To prevent this, either make use of a zip lock pouch to cover them up or make it a point to wash them off before leaving on a jet plane.

7. Always pack tightly:

When you pack tightly, the stuff inside your bag will not have much space to rattle around making it sit in one place further avoiding any damage. So, if your makeup bag still has room for some makeup, fit some socks in to keep it tight. This will prevent any form of damage.

So, these were the best tips to keep your makeup safe while you travel? Isn’t it always nice to take some steps in advance so you do not have to end up regretting later, because, prevention is always better than cure!

Author: Cidra Khan

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