Easy DIY Hairstyle videos!

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No makeup is complete without the right updo. But a good hairstyle requires a lot of patience, effort, and money. We scoured the internet for easy to do quick hairstyles, and we are presenting our favorites to you!

Take a look:

  • Resident Indian Makeup Guru, Shruti Arjun Anand demonstrates four easy to do bun hairstyles. The best bit? No extra products needed. Watch the video below!

  • Have short hair and struggling with it when you have a wedding to attend? Watch the video below for some easy hairstyles you can pull off!
  • Like to try different hairstyles but don’t like to put your hair through torture? We understand! Watch the video below to see 4 easy, heatless hairstyles you can pull off.



  • Not in the mood to do your hair? Try some easy hairstyles which “real” people can actually pull off!

    Which one of these hairstyles will you be trying out?! Tell us in the comments section below!

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