Deadly Skin Care Mistakes That You Should Definitely NOT Be Making!!

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Everyone loves taking care of their skin, and everybody has their own version of skin-care routine that they love to follow. Who doesn’t love good-looking flawless skin, but wait! There could be several blunders you are making, which you shouldn’t be doing in the first place! So, what are they and how damaging can they be? Continue reading about the Deadly Skin-care mistakes you should definitely not be making!

1. Over-scrubbing


Scrubbing is a great way to get rid of the dead skin cells from the outer surface of your skin in order to reveal radiant skin beneath. The problem arises when you start to scrub too much, more than what is advised by experts. Your skin takes some time to renew, and overusing harsh scrubs may actually cause adverse effects, damaging the skin by causing breakouts and irritation.

2. Not moisturizing enough


Your skin needs its dose of hydration to look healthy, you should moisturize soon after you get out of that shower when skin is still moist, as it helps absorb the lotion better and it goes deep into your skin, revealing softer supple skin that is oh-so-smooth and you just cannot stop touching it.

3. Not removing makeup


This is probably the worst thing that you could be doing to your skin. Makeup makes you look like a stunner when it is on, but doesn’t do the same thing when left unwashed overnight! It blocks your pores, causes pimples and may even leave your face looking super tired. Wipe your face with some wet tissues, use baby oil or coconut oil to get rid of the leftover makeup and wash away! Your skin will thank you for doing this each time.

4. Not using Sun Block

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I cannot stress enough on the importance of sunblock for your skin as the UVA and UVB rays damage the skin causing you to look older than you are and it can be one of the reasons for skin cancer as well. So, never miss out on that SPF.

5. Going on a diet


While you may think that curbing out foods from your diet will help you get into shape, it is definitely not the case for your body and skin both! Dieting will only make look sluggish, dehydrated and will take away the glow on your skin with time! Don’t diet, eat well in small proportions, your body and skin will both be happy!

6. Not sleeping well


Sleeping at least eight hours every day is necessary no matter what! When you don’t sleep enough you feel lethargic and it wrecks havoc on your skin too. It will cause infections and pimples too. Switch that phone off and take some time to snooze!

7. Popping a pimple


We all get them, and we hate them! But you must never pop that zit as it may leave terrible scars behind, which are even difficult to get rid of. Also, in some cases the zit might just bounce back on the same place, making it look even worse! Don’t do that EVER!

8. Not taking care of your lips


Lips are just as important to take care of as your facial skin.  Show them some love by hydrating them with a good lip balm. Using a lip balm prior hitting the sack will make sure that your lips are softer and lipstick ready in the morning! Do this every day, and you will be left with kissable soft lips!

9. Not changing pillow covers

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Using the same pillow covers can cause more harm than good to your skin, all the dirt and bacteria accumulated on your skin can settle into them and cause you to break-out. So, why not just switch those pillow covers every four to five days and I suggest using silk covers as they are gentle on the skin and prevent premature wrinkling.

10. Your phone is causing the mess:


Well, your phone could be one of the reason causing your skin to look worse, it has bacteria all over it due to continuous usage, the bacteria on the screen and the heat on it causes more bacterial breeding- which when combined together causes acne and blemishes. Make sure to clean your phone each time you use it, to prevent breaking out.

11. Changing face towels:


Dirty face towels can house dirt, bacteria and germs and spread them when used on a regular basis, make sure that you switch your face towels at least by the fourth day of using it. Continuously using the same towel can cause your breakouts to get worse. So, change those bad boys to maintain healthier skin.

So, what skin care mistakes have you been making!? If any of the above listed ones were your cuppa tea, STOP, better late than never buddy!

Author: Cidra Khan

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