In Focus: Kiran Mann Kapoor


Kiran Mann Kapoor is the founder of the PitStop PopUp Store – a curated store with select few designers from the realm of fashion, jewelry, luxury, home decor, beauty, and art.

We recently had a tête-à-tête with her to know more about what inspired her to start PitStop, the issues a first-time entrepreneur faces, and her idea of beauty.

  1. What inspired you to start PitStop Pop Up? My love & passion for fashion inspired me to plan an exhibition that is distinctive from the clutter. The idea behind  Pitstop Popup was to create a platform for upcoming designers who cannot afford heavy mall rentals a chance to exhibit, giving designers the exposure and a genuine platform that is not run of the mill flea market at a mall. I always felt that there was a gap in the market and wanted to tap that space in the market.
  1. What makes PitStop different from the other curator exhibitions? Pitstop Popup will always remain a store concept exhibition curated in the premises of the mall or a marketplace. We have kept in mind to provide our products that are value for money by keeping everything affordable with a price bracket of Rs. 15,000 and covering aspects of fashion, lifestyle, and home décor.
  1. Things that you wish you knew before you started? (any challenges you would like to have prepared for?)The main challenge I faced was to convince people with the idea of curating Pitstop in a mall. Since till date, all such events have happened in a hotel. It took time in trying to educate the exhibitors for trusting us since it was our first show.
  1. Any advice for budding entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey, to say the least, its filled with highs and lows, but all you need to remember is that as long as you love and enjoy what you doing, you will never fail. Just believe in your instincts, embrace each challenge as a learning opportunity and stay focused!
  1. People that inspire you and why? I think we can get inspiration from every single person and every single thing around us, we just have to look at those things or people that way, but in real life my biggest inspiration is my husband who has always guided me, supported me and brought out the best in me. He has taught me patience and the art of always staying positive.
  1. Since you are so beautiful yourself, what beauty advice would you like to give other women? Think right, eat healthily, be happy & content and feel beautiful from within, eventually, that is what reflects on your face” and most of all just be confident for who you are as it is the biggest asset you can carry.
  2. Your top 5 makeup products? There are quite a few that I like, but listing down my favorites here:
  1. Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup SPF 35 Foundation.
  2. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner
  3. Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes
  4. Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
  5. Mac So Chaud Lipstick



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