How to find a shampoo that works for your hair type?


We love our hair and want it to look happy and healthy all the time! However, pollution and other factors can wreak havoc on the health of your hair making it look lifeless, especially if your hair is on the drier side. We want your hair to look its best all through the year, so here is a guide to finding a shampoo that works for your hair type to help you have good hair days.

1.Ingredients matter

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Irrespective of your hair type, you need to keep a tab on the ingredients in your products. While most advertisements promise you great looking hair, it’s nice to see what is inside those pretty looking bottles before you choose to experiment. Make sure to stay away from SLS, SLES, Formaldehyde and Parabens as they have the tendency to irritate the skin and may also cause cancer.

2. Get rid of excessive gunk

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Clarifying shampoos come to the rescue when there is excessive build up in your hair after a week of using heat, serums, sprays and hair products. A regular shampoo does nothing to clear out your hair, due to their clarifying nature, it is best to use these once or twice per month as over usage may strip of all the natural oils from your hair.

3. For premature aging

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If you are suffering from premature graying of hair and cannot do anything about that salt and pepper, but just want it to look its shiny best. Find a shampoo that works great for that silver hair, as regular shampoo creates a yellow undertone in the hair, making them look super dull.

4. Thin Hair Do Care

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If you want some volume in your hair, find a shampoo with Panthenol as it is one of those ingredients which makes the hair appear fuller in volume. Make sure you stay away from shampoos that contain SLS, as they contribute to weighing down the hair making them look flat. Another trick is to make use of dry shampoos between your hair wash sessions, as the powder helps soak excess oils making the hair look like it has more volume!

5. Dry Brittle Hair

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People may have naturally dry hair or they can get drier due to the heat and pollution. Try to make use of keratin infused products to treat them. You could also make use of creamy textured shampoos, as they make your tresses look hydrated.

6. Frizzy Hair

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Frizzy hair can be due to humidity, and using the right products to tame them is necessary. Make use of a smoothening shampoo which contains silicone to bind the hair together.

7. Oily Hair and Scalp

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Its a myth that clarifying shampoos work in keeping the hair balanced, as over using them may cause your hair to get really oily. Make use of balancing shampoos as they work best to tame the oils.

8. Everyone can use Dry Shampoo

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Dry shampoo can be used on any hair type. Spray a little around your hairline and blow dry your hair, to have them smelling and looking like you just walked out of a shower.In fact, dry shampoo works great for an oily scalp as it soaks up the excess oil revealing beautiful hair.

So, what kind of hair type do you have?

Author: Cidra Khan


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