Nine ways to transform your hair permanently without coloring them


A woman’s biggest asset is definitely her hair and these days’ women do not shy away from experimenting with them! Coloring your hair is definitely a trend that will never be passé; however, it can be pretty damaging and will cause your hair to get dull and lifeless! It is probably the only way you could change the way your hair looks, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could transform your hair permanently without coloring them!? We got your back hun, say Hello to Beautiful Hair, and Bye-Bye to Damage!

Extensions to the rescue


How you wish you had hair as long as Rapunzel’s one day and the other day you just wish to sport that pixie. Well, extensions are a great way to jazz up the way your hair looks; they can be as long and as short as you want! You could opt for an ombre, highlights or a plain red head! This requires a temporary commitment and can change according to your mood, no more chopping off that hair when you have hair extensions to the rescue!

Ponytails that are as high as your standards


Aren’t ponytails the best things in the world, especially when you have a bad hair day or you just have to rush out and cannot think of anything better! High ponytails are great to keep hair off your face yet being super stylish, you could opt for the hidden hair trick if you have short hair, where you need to divide your hair into two vertical sections, tie ponytails, the upper half should cover the lower half so well, that it fakes the look of a high ponytail! High-Five on that!

Beach Vibes with waves


 Add texture to your hair with sea salt spray and they will take your hair from drab to fab in a jiffy! If your hair is limp and dull, this is a great way to bring your hair back to life! Beach waves for the uber chic look!

Parting on the other side


Grass is always greener on the other side! That’s just a saying that implies to your hair as well, if you have always been parting your hair on the left, switch it up to the right, and notice how it instantly makes a difference! You could go for the middle parting as well, if that’s something that you don’t usually do! This will also add a lot of volume to your hair! Trust me!

Jazz up with accessories


Accessories are such a great way to jazz up your entire look be it your outfit or hair! Tiaras, headbands, flowers or ribbons, are an instant pick-me-up and you just cannot go wrong with them!

Hair Chalks are in


Instagram is flooded with these and Mermaid and Rainbow hair are the most popular of the lot. You could choose your custom color and use it on wet hair i.e. the area you want to color. Once done, go over with your usual hair spray to seal the color in! Amazing don’t you think?

Wet hair is sexy


Channel you inner Kim K, and go for the wet hair trend that is one of the most popular ways to style your hair these days! Everyone from Kim K to Priyanka Chopra is seen sporting this look, which is ideal for a date night or just a night event in general. Your hair can be left open in waves or tied up in a tight sleek ponytail. The choice is yours!

Chop them off


Well, one of the easiest ways to change the way your hair looks is to just get a new haircut, if you have longer hair, try getting a faux bob or you could opt for layers or bangs maybe! Anything that suits your liking! Chop them off to instantly change the way your hair looks!!

So, what do you think guys? Which of the nine ways to transform your hair is your favorite?

Author: Cidra Khan

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