In Focus: Makeup Artist Neha Chhabra

MUA Neha

Neha Chhabra started her makeup career in New Delhi with a clear passion and adoration for makeup and beauty. She is not only is a freelance makeup artist but also has her own Youtube channel, offers personal makeup classes and has created makeup looks for Bollywood celebrities!

She recently worked with Phantom Films and created makeup looks on Divya Khosla Kumar for the Fit Look Magazine.

We recently interviewed her to get an insight on what inspires her, what she loves the most about makeup and what it is like to work on clients. Read on to find out what she has to say…

What advice or suggestions would you like to give to budding makeup artists?

Makeup is a passion before it is a  profession! So chase the passion and not the fame and money. Be creative and always think out of the box.

Who are your favourite makeup artists or people that inspire you?

There are so many people that I look up to and that inspire me everyday. But my favourite without a doubt, are Tamanna Roshan, Charlotte Tilbury and Pat McGrath. I feel like there is so much that you can learn and get inspired from!

What do you love the most about makeup?

Makeup is my passion, my dream, my creativity. I get excited and elated like a child when it is makeup time! Whether I do it on myself or on my clients – I just love every bit of it. The best part is that the tiniest bit can make a woman feel on top of the world! It has the power to enhance or completely transform a person’s looks. It just gives great confidence which I love!

What is your signature look?

I wouldn’t call them my signature looks but the ones I totally love are a winged eye liner and a bold lip & a glitter smokey eye with a nude lip.

What is the most important makeup/beauty advice that you would give any woman?

Like Charlotte Tilbury once said, “You cannot create a beautiful painting without a clear canvas”, I feel one must take very good care of their skin. Use good products and never make any compromises on that. Always prep your skin well before applying your makeup and make sure to remove every last bit of before sleeping. One very important step that most of us miss is using a good under-eye cream. Our under-eye area is extremely sensitive and prone to fine lines and dehydration. If you are not already using it, start now!

Which are your top 5 favorite makeup products?

I just love makeup and I feel like I can never have enough of it! But if I still had to choose just 5, they would be Benefit Porefessional Primer, Dior Forever Skin Foundation, Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks, Anastasia every Hills Contour Kit and Becca Highlighter!


Links to her work are listed below:

Instagram : @nehamaekupartistry

Youtube: Neha makeup artistry






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