Top 8 Indian Brands that will give you healthier skin effortlessly!!


The beauty market is slowly transitioning to the natural side and is trying to come up with products that either use fewer chemicals or no chemicals at all! With the hazards of chemical based products, it’s always nice to know that Indian brands are making an effort to incorporate herbal/natural ingredients which are super effective and guarantee results! You have everything from bath to body, and you will definitely be spoilt for choice! So, I am here to give you a low down of eight amazing Indian brands that will give you healthier skin effortlessly! Let’s get started;

  1. Biotique

     One of the best brands in the Indian market today, which ensures that no harsh chemicals are used in their range of products as it is 100% herbal and ayurvedic. Biotique has something for everyone i.e. Men, Women and Babies! They are a cruelty-free brand and free of preservatives and make use of an eco-friendly packaging which is recyclable!


  1. Khadi Naturals

    I am obsessed with Khadi Naturals, as it has products that work beautifully They have a huge variety of products, but their face masks stand to be my favorite! All products are made out of herbal ingredients and plant extracts, making them a one of a kind brand which is super easy on the pocket too!


  1. Lotus Herbals

    Needless to say, this brand has the finest quality of makeup, skin care and hair care products! They have evolved excellently over the past few years and create cruelty free products made out of beneficial herbs that work wonders for your skin! They have a range of sun-screens that you must definitely check out!


  1. Kama Ayurveda

     Just as the name suggests, this brand makes use of a 100% natural ingredients, all the products are one of a kind and perform amazingly! They are really gentle on the skin and help combat your skin woes overtime! The Kama Ayurveda Rose Water is a cult favorite, is super refreshing and relaxing too! Adding to it, the products are chemical free, paraben free and not tested on animals!


  1. Himalaya Herbals

    Himalaya is quite a popular brand in India and everyone from teens to adults love using them! There’s something in store for everyone and this brand never disappoints! This is again a chemical free brand which ensures healthier skin as majority of the ingredients used in their products are extracted from the Himalayan Foothills! Now that’s something to watch out for!


  1. Forest Essentials

    They have this amazing vintage packaging I absolutely adore! The products from Forest Essentials are mainly made out of flowers, herbs, spices and vegetables. They say that when all these natural ingredients combine, it generates an amazing product that not only nourishes the skin but also helps slow down the signs of aging! Forest Essentials has products that serve as food for your skin!


  1. Fab India

    Aren’t kurtis from Fab India the most comfy things in the world, well, the skin care line is just as good! It has products designed to cater different skin needs and works effectively as well. Having used the Vitamin E De-pigmentation cream from Fab India, I can vouch that clear skin is not as difficult to achieve! They make sure to keep the customers hooked by sticking to quirky and colorful packaging! They do make use of chemicals but in small amounts!


  1. Soulflower

    Essential oils, soaps, shampoo, you name it, and the brand has it! Soul flower as a brand is amazing when it comes to delivering products that are all natural and safe to use on the skin! The Rose Hip Essential oil from the brand is great and makes sure you skin looks it flawless best! This is your brand if you wish for a spa-like experience at home, especially if you are someone on the run! Soulflower products are a great way to make your skin as soft as a baby’s bottom and keep it super duper healthy all year long!


Which ones of these brands have you tried so far?! Tell us your favorites in the comments section below!

Author: Cidra Khan

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