In Focus: Fashion Blogger Ishika D’ Monty

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Ishika D’Monty is one of our favorite upcoming bloggers in the fashion space. Her content is fresh, individualistic and best of all, doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket! We decided to interview her and asked her a few quick questions to help you guys get to know her better!

When did you start blogging and what made you start?

Ishika: I started my blog in March 2016 to document my crazy streak for fashion and makeup. I have always loved styling ensembles but the reason to finally showcase my sartorial inclinations was to share my take and ideas on different fashion trends/styles and also how I would like to conceptualize them in different outfits

Your favorite contemporaries?

Ishika: My favorite bloggers are Dolly Singh (Spill The Sass) and Mawi Neitham (Mawi’s Vintage). What I like about their work is that whatever they showcase is very unique, experimental and, at the same time very relatable.

What’s your favorite part about blogging?!

Ishika: Honestly, for me, blogging is very therapeutic and relaxing. I enjoy every bit of what goes into publishing a blog post but the best part is when your hard work is appreciated and loved by people. And of course, shopping plays a huge role in it and I love it 🙂

Any tips for budding bloggers?

Ishika: A few things that I would like to share from my own experience. First, is to have original and genuine content (most important). Have faith in your content and do not get enticed to buy followers or likes for any social media platform that represents your blog. Lastly, be patient as everything takes time to grow.

How do you deal with criticism?

Ishika: I always take criticism in a constructive manner (except when it’s completely baseless!) as it certainly helps me grow and improve my work.  It also allows me to take different perspectives into consideration!

Where would you like to see your blog be in the next 5 years?

Ishika: The most important thing when it comes to my blog is that I have genuine viewership and in the coming years I would love to connect and grow more with people with similar interests. In the next 6 years, I hope to dedicate and work full time for my blog ;).

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