Reviewer of the Month


The reviewer of the month for us here at glamrada is Divya Sawant of @beautygrin blog. We love how honest and unbiased her reviews are! She is one of the earliest members of glamrada, and has been sharing her reviews with us for the longest time now. You can check out her profile on glamrada here.

Based out of Mumbai, she has her own personal blog as well. Here, she reviews makeup products and also talks about some cool makeup and DIY tips as well! Her IG handle is @beautygrinblog. Don’t forget to stop by her profile for some cool makeup looks, product photos and nail art.



2 thoughts on “Reviewer of the Month

  1. Divya

    Thank you so much girls. Your appreciation means a lot to me. I love writing here because it is such a unique platform for honest reviews as well as different experience in using a product for different people. This made my day!!!

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