10 Absurd Things That Work Great For Your Skin and Hair

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Good skin + Good Hair = Happy you!

However, we  always pre-occupy ourselves with chemical based products leaving no room for thoee natural products to swirl the wand and work their magic! We have compiled some of the most absurd sounding things that work great for your skin and hair. The best part? These rock-stars are inexpensive and are available almost everywhere!! Have a look down below to know what they are?! Who knows that HG ingredient you needed in your life was right there and you never noticed it!


Get Smoother Hair with Vegetable Glycerin

1Glycerin is great for the skin; however little did we know that vegetable glycerin is a sure shot way to fight that frizz and get smoother hair. It is a much better, all-natural alternative to those serums available in the market!  Use it as a leave-in conditioner for the softest tresses of your life!


That Flushed Look With Pepto Bismol


Wish to have those flushed cheeks without reaching out for your blushes? Pepto Bismol is no where related to beauty however, it works great in adding that rosy tint to your cheeks naturally!! Bizarre but true! Take the solution in a bowl and dab it on your cheeks with the help of a cotton pad, you will be left with gorgeous rosy cheeks!!


Plumper Lips with Cinnamon


Plump lips are in, and when you say plump lips the first person that strikes your mind is Priyanka Chopra!! Don’t you wish to have a pout like hers?  Well, you wish has been granted, as cinnamon oil is a great way to add that plumped out effect to your lips naturally, no need of those artificial plumper’s or injections that crack a hole in your pocket! Make a concoction of about a scoop of Vaseline with 3-4 drops of cinnamon oil and massage it into your lips after you have scrubbed all the dead skin out with your tooth brush and pout away!


Silicon Sponges For Your Foundation


This is not unknown, as it has been doing the rounds on the internet for a really long time, and people actually swear by this method for seamless foundation application! Who would have thought that a tool that looks more of a breast implant would be able to do so much for your makeup? It helps soak excess foundation so you don’t end up using too much of it!


Ear Buds for Fuller Lashes


Fuller lashes are a dream! Don’t you envy that woman with fuller lashes who just doesn’t need those falsies? We do! You could achieve the fuller lash effect with the help of ear buds, by using on some baby powder/translucent powder over them and following up with your usual mascara! Simple yet effective! That’s what we love!


Coffee Filter Paper for Blotting Oil


Blotting papers come super handy in summers when your face gets drenched in sweat in no time, and you need to be heading somewhere! These sheets are either too expensive, out of reach or contained with artificial ingredients that do no good to your skin! We have coffee filters to your rescue, as it does the exact same thing of keeping the oil off your face and are safe for your skin!


Deodorant for Thigh Sweat


With summers officially here, our hot, short and floral skirts jump out of the wardrobes as well, However, the excessive heat and humidity causes a lot of friction and sweating in your thigh area making it difficult to flaunt those pretty dresses, as it may cause a lot of irritation, redness and even rashes! Dealing with this has never been simpler!! You only need your deodorant and use it by spraying it on your thigh area and walk out!


Mayonnaise As A Deep Conditioning Treatment


Mayonnaise never fails to satisfy our taste-buds and so is the way it works on your hair! It is super healthy for your hair as it contains the goodness of egg yolks, amino acids, vinegar and oil making it a great hair nourishment treatment! Use if after you shampoo your hair instead of your regular conditioner once a week to find out for yourself! Try it to believe it!


Flat Beer for Limp Hair


Beer is super good for your skin and hair, both! However, flat beer left over from the party last night works even better! Use it on your limp, dry, lifeless hair to give them an instant boost of volume, gloss and shine; you are going to fall in love with the results!


Hair Conditioner for the Perfect Shave

Woman Shaving Legs

This again is something we are all aware of and the reason why those shaving creams remain untouched in beauty stores! Conditioners make a great shaving base preventing knicks or cuts and leaving your skin moisturized! Brownie point? These are super cheap and are available at home at all times!


So, that’s basically it! These were 10 absurd things that work great for your skin and hair, which actually do a lot more than you can imagine!

Which ones have you tried or will be trying soon?

Author: Cidra Khan

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