Seven EyeLiner Techniques every girl should know!

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When it comes to makeup, eyeliner is such a must as it can completely change the way you look! One flick is such a game changer as it makes you look all glammed up without much effort! Sometimes, eyeliner is the only makeup you need to feel good! So, to get that eyeliner game on fleek we have seven eyeliner hacks which will help you ace drawing that liner effortlessly! Here we go;


Get That Classic Liner Look

img1Daytime is the best to flaunt the classic liner look as it is super subtle and emphasizes your eyes! Start by drawing dots on your eyelid, and play connect-the-dots starting from the inner corners to the outer edges. This also allows precision as to how thick or thin you want your liner to be!


Work That Liquid Liner Like A Pro

img2Liquid liners can be pretty difficult to apply especially if you are just starting out.They give you that desired intense eye look, however, they do require a bit of practice !! You could ace this by starting with a pencil eyeliner and trace your liquid liner over it!


Wing It Like A Boss

img3Isn’t getting that winged eyeliner on fleek the most desirable part about your makeup!? End up messing it all the time?  Getting that flick on point has never seemed this easy, we tell you how! Use a scotch tape and stick it on the outer edge of your eye diagonally, starting from the outer corners to your eyebrows, you could adjust this to slant the way you want to! Outline the edges of the tape, and try to make a triangular shape as neat as you can, remove the tape and viola, you have a stencil for your eyeliner, just fill it in and you are good to go!


Use A White Liner For Brighter Eyes

img4This has been said time and again, yet most of us fail to believe how amazingly bright and fresh white eyeliner can make your eyes look! Work it on the inner rim of your eyes like you would normally use your kohl/kajal, do not forget using mascara after!

Smokey Eyes All The Way

mg 5-1Smokey eyes are a superb way to look sultry yet sexy; however, most of us do not really get it right. Here is the deal, start with a gray eye shadow on your eye lid up to the crease, then take a dark shade (dark brown or black) and work it towards the outer corners and the upper crease area, going in and out with a nice blending brush, follow up by drawing a liner as messy as you can and smudge it in using smudge brush.


Layers Are In

img6Layered eyeliners are the in-thing at the moment, and have been doing the rounds on Pinterest and Instagram a lot lately! Wonder if you can pull this off?! Start by drawing that cat eyeliner/winged eye and instead of going in with your regular black liner and go in with a metallic color which is the contrast of black and will stand out better!


Puppy Eyes Please

img7Isn’t puppy eye look the most adorable thing ever? It makes your eye look larger than life and adds that cuteness factor to it. How to do it is the question! Start by drawing a thin line on the middle of your upper lash line and extend it towards the outer corners and then curve it up so it meets the bottom lash line! Fill in all the gaps and you’re done!


Author : Cidra Khan

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