#BudgetBuys: Top 6 Primers under Rs 500 in India


For all those of you who have walked into the nearest Sephora after watching many a YouTube makeup tutorials only to walk out of store, in horror of the prices of the those ‘must-have’ products that your favorite beauty guru recommended, I hear you. That is why the good people at Glamrada and I decided to come up with a #BudgetBuys Series wherein we take you through some amazing products that happen to be really affordable at the same time.

In the second installment of this series, I decided to go with a product that forms the very base of your base makeup (see what I did there?). Primers, as you might already know, help in controlling the excess oil on your face, fill in your pores as well as prolong the wear of your foundation or BB cream. And in this bone-melting heat, I really don’t need to talk about the importance of a product that makes your makeup stay on longer, do I? So, in no particular order, here are the best affordable primers currently available in India.


1. Miss Claire Studio Perfect Professional Make Up Primer

These primers are available in a number of variants such as clear, beige etc and are meant to address different skin concerns. All of them however, help smoothen the texture of the skin and help the makeup to stay on for a decent time. You can find one here for Rs 419 and here for Rs 450.




2. Sivanna

The Sivanna Primer, which retails for Rs 399, has glitters in it which help lend certain luminosity to the skin, therebyy making it a great product for people with tired and dull skin. Check it out here.




3. Coloressence Pre Base Primer

With its gel-like formula and high silicone content, this primer from Coloressence glides on to the skin smoothly, minimizing your pores in the process and leaving your skin baby soft. Buy it here for Rs 450.




4. Incolor Absolute Primer

I believe it were the matte liquid lipsticks from the house of Incolor that shot them to fame a while back. Their primer comes with an added SPF of 15 and seems rather promising. You can buy yourself one for Rs 500 here.





5. Oriflame The ONE IlluSkin Face Primer

Another budget option for a face primer is this Oriflame face perfecting primer which retails for around Rs 300-350. It helps in keeping the skin hydrated and allows the foundation to glide on smoothly over the skin. Check it out here.




6. Essence Colour Control Primer

Essence is such an underrated makeup brand! Their products are great value for money and look cute at the same time. Their primer which comes with added sun protection is no exception. You can get it here for Rs 499.

P.S. If you are on a tighter budget, you could also try using Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling After Shave Balm (retails for Rs 245 here) that is said to work really well as a primer. You might also want to check out my easy DIY primer here.


Essence-Cosmetics-UV-Base-Primer-1 (1)


Hope this helps out some of you. If you have tried out any of these, don’t forget to add to your review on the website and earn some points!

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Author: Sanchita Srivastava

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  1. Namrata Mehta

    And I had actually given up on finding a great primer on a budget! I really needed this post. Thanks a lot xx

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