6 Beauty trends of 2017 that experts swear by!

6 beauty trends

The beauty market is flooded with a number of different trends that come and go! There are a few beauty trends out there, which are worth trying out at least once in your life; since some trends are here to stay!! Here is a compilation of six beauty trends every woman must try; find something that suits your fancy and make sure to try it out !


Bold Lips

image1Bold Lips are never going to be old school! They add an instant dash of brightness to your entire look even if you are just wearing a plain dress without any base or eye makeup! A red lip or a bright pink lip will amp up your look and make you look like a million dollars effortlessly!


Highlight Those Tresses

image 2-1If hair coloring has never been your thing, you should definitely reconsider it! Highlighting is so in at the moment, and people are going crazy with colors, from coloring their head completely red/pink to having an offbeat ombre!! Break the norm and go for unconventional colors like midnight blue that will make you look super smart and quirky!

Colored Makeup For The Eyes

img3-1Why settle for black when you can experiment with a lot more colors on your eyes? Go for bright green eyeliner to blue lashes or even purple mascara, there is a chance that you will be surprised with what you see in the mirror! Maybe you’ll actually love it!


Clown Contouring


If contouring is your piece of cake, you will definitely love clown contouring which was discovered by a YouTuber named Bella De Lune! This technique will make you look super flawless just like you stepped into Kim Kardashians’ shoes!


Glittering Pucker


Glitter lips are trendy, so why leave the sparkle for your eyes when your lips can flaunt it too!? Use your favorite lip color and top it up with a glitter of your choice, you will fall in love with this awesome trend! Let your lips do the talking!


Wet Hair Is Sexy

img6-2This may sound too cliché, and I’m sure majority of us have walked out of the house in a rush flaunting this trend!!!  Drying your hair and tying them up neatly is now a thing of the past, these days you can just walk out the door with wet tresses, just brush them through so they nicely sit at the back and run a nice hair cream to help them stay in place!! This is an amazing beach look that will make your hair look all nice and sleek.

Which one of these trends will you be trying?! Tell us in the comments section below

Author: Cidra Khan

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