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Badges / Expertise Level

We created this exciting system to recognize our most passionate fans and reviewers. Now you can rack up points throughout Glamrada and you can get some pretty sweet perks!

Current badge levels are:

50,000+ points

15,000- 49,999 points

4,999 – 14,999 points

Up to 4,999 points

Perks of Glamazon and Glamace:

Glamace Benefits:

Special giveaways - open only to Glamace and Glamazons.

Get a chance to be featured in our newsletters.

Glamazon Benefits:

All the Glamace perks listed above, plus...

Receive free beauty products from Glamrada. Guaranteed at least every six months!

Additional Glamazon-only  giveaways.

Your product reviews receive very top placement.


How do you earn points? Here is an exhaustive list, which we will keep updating!Also, please post good quality content, only post reviews for products that you have used yourself. We are a team of makeup junkies and can separate the riff from the raff.

Join/Sign up on the website:  200 points

Update your profile: 200 points

Refer a friend and when they sign up 500 points 

Write a product review less than 50 words: 50 points 

Write a product review between 50-100 words: 100 points

Write a product review more than 100 words: 150 points 

Rate a product: 20 points 

Be the first person to review a product: 200 points

Points for letting us know if a product is not listed: 50 points 

Upload a video review 300 points 

Mark a review as helpful or not 10 points

Comment in Message Board         20 points

Leave a comment on a post/blog 10 points

First 200 users to register stand a chance to win a giveaway.

What do I buy with my points?

You don't actually spend your points - you use them to earn privileged status. When you're a Glamazon or Glamace, you earn all kinds of great goodies like giveaways and even free beauty products. But you still keep all your points. We're nice like that.

We may add new badges over time, or we may adjust these criteria at any time. We also may change the points you earn for each task you complete on Glamrada.


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